Bill Phillips

Councillor: Grantham Ward – 2018

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To the residents of Grantham Ward,

As I reflect back on this term as your city councillor, I feel that the city has continued to be a better place to live. Recently we have been able to attain tax increases which match the cost of living increases without cutting programs and while still maintaining our infrastructure needs. We opened a state of the art Performing Arts Centre that has received “rave reviews” from residents. The attendance level at our Performing Arts Centre is one of the best in Ontario! New businesses continue to open in our downtown area as revitalization continues.

Enjoy Your City

How I Will Operate

In Grantham Ward, our recreation facilities have improved with the construction of the new splash pad at the Port Weller Community Centre, improvements to Sunset Beach, Eastport Park and improved drainage at Guy Rd Park. Streets have recently been resurfaced on Croydon Dr., Broadway Ave. and Duncan Dr. I strive to ensure that a portion of your tax dollars come back to your ward.

Although some people see the role as a city councillor as a part time position, I personally don’t agree with that notion. I feel my role as your councillor is with me twenty-fours hours a day. I make every effort to respond to your concerns as soon as I possibly can. The needs of the residents in Grantham Ward are always first and foremost in my mind. At times dealing with issues with staff at city hall can be confusing, although we have tried to improve this situation. I take great pride in working with residents in solving problems when dealing with city hall staff.

Outside of my role as your “Ward” councillor I spend many hours dealing with city wide issues by being involved in various committees. During the past term I have served on ten different committees as well as serving two years as your deputy mayor. By being involved in such an extensive role I feel I get a better understanding of city issues before they come to council to be voted upon. Knowledge of issues is vital.

I look forward to representing  you as your Grantham Ward councillor once again. I promise that I will listen to your suggestions and concerns so that we can continue to “Enjoy Our City”.

“Enjoy Your City” Means:

During the past term the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre was opened. We can now go downtown to enjoy a meal at one of the many new restaurants and then enjoy a Niagara Jazz Festival concert, a Niagara Symphony performance or a Foster Festival play. Lakeside Park was enhanced with a new pavilion bandshell and now the beach is accessible for those with physical challenges. A splash pad at Port Weller Community Centre kept our children cool this summer. New festivals have arrived enhancing community spirit.

  • St. Catharines has become a more “compassionate” city with the opening of affordable housing units along with the support of many municipal agencies who deal with residents in need. We will continue to deal with the opioid crisis that so many cities are experiencing.
  • By working with organizations such as The Friends of Walker’s Creek, The Friends of Malcolmson Park and The Friends of Sunset Beach, we have continually improved the condition of our parks and beaches. Trees, benches and gardens have been placed in the parks along Walker’s Creek. Trees have been planted and the grass meadow has been maintained in Malcolmson Park and the condition of Sunset Beach has improved with better maintenance and improved parking. Thanks go out to the many volunteers who made these improvements happen. Port Weller Community Centre will become a ”recreation hub” as we continue to expand the facilities at this site.

These enhancements will allow you to “Enjoy Your City”

What has Bill done during the last term?

He has been involved in the decision making process of the following:

  • Deputy Mayor
  • Social Sustainability Committee (chair)
  • Fire Master Plan Committee
  • St. Catharines Library Board
  • Budget Standing Committee
  • Plus other short term committees

As a member of your city council I will continue to:

  • Be a strong voice for the people of Grantham Ward during council meetings.
  • Be your voice at city hall when dealing with your individual concerns.
  • Strive to maintain property tax increases at or below the cost of living.
  • Respond to your concerns in a timely manner.
  • Work diligently to improve the recreation facilities and infrastructure needs in Grantham Ward.
  • Ensure that a portion of your tax dollars is spent in Grantham Ward.

During the last election, fewer than thirty-five per cent of eligible voters participated in the voting process. This is an important election as many new candidates are seeking election municipally and regionally. Hopefully, more people will vote this year to determine their future needs and concerns.


Brian McMullan - Former Mayor of St. Catharines

During my time as mayor Bill was one of my hardest working councillors. He always listened to his constituents, was willing to answer their questions and address their concerns. During his twelve years on council, Bill has displayed leadership with integrity. I strongly support Bill’s candidacy as councillor for Grantham Ward for another term.

Brian McMullan, Former Mayor of St. Catharines

Pete Morro
Bill Phillips is running for a fourth term on our city’s council. My wife and I have been fortunate to live in Grantham ward for all of them.
He invariably responds to residents the same day, and often will resolve concerns just as promptly.
For a good number of years we’ve had a good city council with tangible results. Bill Phillips was an integral part of these productive councils!

I believe that few could match the energy, dedication, and experience of Bill Phillips!

Pete Morro
16 Glen park road
St. Catharines

Peter W. Partridge

Bill has been a very important member of the St. Catharines Sports Hall of Fame Committee and was instrumental in getting a permanent location for the Hall of Fame in the Meridian Centre. He has greatly contributed to the evolution of the Hall of Fame from a 3 ring binder in the Museum to its prominent home where St. Catharines Finest Athletes and Sports Builders are recognized.

Scott Tyndall

I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work that has been done by the parks department and the city councillors in making the Port Weller splash pad a reality. Cheryl and I walked by the construction 1-1/2 months ago and I made my first visit there today with my grandson, babysitting at the last second, which I love, and although timid with the water spraying out everywhere , he was more interested in turning the system on and off ( he’s only 2 and thought that was pretty neat. The timed system is a fantastic one, as it conserves water, in the event there is nobody there and my grandson had a lot of fun in getting grandpa wet! We were there at 9:15 Wednesday August 15th and by 9:30 there were 10 kids there with moms and grandma’s. I was the odd man out, but still enjoyed myself. Thank you for your efforts in the “north end” and hope to see you in the fall at the club.

Della Trojan

The Friends of Walker’s Creek, Malcomson Eco Park and Friends of Municipal Beach are just a few of the volunteer organizations that have benefited from the support of Councillor Phillips. Since being elected in 2006, he has been instrumental in developing a strong relationship between City staff and various volunteer groups. Bill is well known throughout the city for his dedication to his position as city councillor. As a longtime resident of Grantham Ward, he is passionate about the community he lives in. He responds to his constituent’s concerns in a timely manner with complete honesty. Councillor Phillips is keenly perceptive involving city-wide planning and will provide Grantham Ward with the best representation on all City matters.

Della Trojan, Chairperson, Friends of Walker’s Creek

Mary Ann Edwards.

I have known Bill for almost 40 years. He was always tremendously respected by our teaching staffs and students. Bill has displayed the same characteristics during his council years that I have always so deeply admired in him, which are his integrity, and his tremendous work ethic.
We absolutely need Bill re elected to council with his expertise and forward thinking, and to help continue to move our wonderful city in even more positive and exciting directions.

Pete Malaguti

Bill doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground, but I voted for him when he first ran for City Council. I had a good feeling about him.

Since then, I have complained to him about… the Budget, the Parks, City workers who take breaks that are too long, Dual Duty and much, much more.

He has offered to meet with me at his ‘office’, a coffee shop, many, many times and we have. He has given me as much time as we needed for me to get my answers.

I have also sent positive comments to him when our snow was removed quickly, our street was swept, or about Citizens First and… AND he has always, ALWAYS been prompt with a reply to me… and copies me to an email when he has sent my messages, both positive and negative, to various members of Senior Staff. I rest, assured that my voice has been heard.

Bill has treated me with respect and honesty and above all, he listens!

The Phillips family has resided in Grantham Ward at 30 Brimley Crescent for the past forty years. Bill is a graduate of Brock University. His career in education was spent as an elementary school teacher and principal at schools throughout St. Catharines,  including  three years as the vice-principal at Prince Philip School in Grantham Ward. Bill and his wife, Susan, have  been married for forty-five years and raised four children: Brad, David, Scott and Beth. The Phillips family has grown once again with the birth of a granddaughter, Reese. Grandchildren, Harry, Owen and Susie have a new playmate.

I look forward to representing you as your Grantham Ward councillor once again. I promise that I will listen to your suggestions and concerns so that we can continue to “Enjoy Our City”.